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Medical Marijuana in Santa Cruz, CA

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Medical Cannabis Testing

Your medication is a private matter. Medical cannabis is no different, which is why when we provide medical cannabis testing, we come to you! There are currently no laws in California that allow laboratories to posses medical cannabis even for testing purposes, that's why our trained technicians will come to you and provide on the spot results without ever taking possesion of the medicine. There is no exchange of medicine thereby negating any legal concerns.  Redwood Scientific provides not only potency testing of your cannabis but also checks for any contaminants.

Medical Marijuana in Santa Cruz, CA


Redwood Scientific Labs is a mobile medical cannabis testing service. We provide our services to medical cannabis growers, dispensaries, or individuals with a valid doctors recommendation. Our open book policy ensures you fully understand and agree to our procedures. We stress professionalism, courteousness, and confidentiality to our staff in order to guarantee you always feel comfortable.

Why Test Your Marijuana?
It can help you find the medicine that you need, our procedure tests the potency of medical marijuana by measuring its THC levels including the corresponding amounts of Cannabidiol (CBD) and Cannabinol (CBN). This knowledge can work as a guide to strains higher in THC or CBD  depending on your personal needs.

It can help in harvesting. Testing throughout the bloom cycle of your crop can help you ensure that you harvest your crops at the perfect time.

We at Redwood Scientific recommend that you know your grower and get familiar with his or her growing methods, however when you can't it really makes sense to check for mold, bugs and pesticides. With the latest technology at our disposal we guarantee the accuracy of our testing through the use of a gas chromatograph, which allows us to separate the compounds and analyze them individually.


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